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Forever Friends Animal Rescue Art Auction

Hello Melbourne friends and animal lovers, the Forever Friends Animal Rescue Art Auction is this thursday, 9th October and there are some amazing pieces up for auction by Melbourne artists including original artwork from our friend Nadia Turner (see above and below). We have donated the ForestGuardian medicine doll. All proceeds from the auction will go to funding Forever Friends’… Read more →

Alchemy of Coexistence by Patricia Ariel

Alchemy of Coexistence by Patricia Ariel

“Alchemy of Coexistence”Graphite, charcoal, acrylic, pastel, on Fabriano watercolor paper, mounted on panel16 x 20 in  2014© Patricia Ariel Aaaaah Patrica Ariel! Sometimes it feels like she is painting directly from my dreams. Alchemy of Coexistence is one of Patricia’s latest paintings created for the Hidden Kingdoms exhibition that also featured another dear friend, Alice Savage. I love so many of Patricia’s paintings… Read more →

Seven Seas by Lisa Gerrard

  Seven Seas is the latest song released by Australian singer and sonic magician, Lisa Gerrard. Taken from her new album Twilight Kingdom – such an evocative title. On  Seven Seas, Lisa is also joined by Silverchair singer, Daniel Johns, and it’s a stunning weaving together of these two mercurial and otherworldly voices. I think of Lisa as a sonic magician because she rarely uses… Read more →

Tree Sister Medicine Dolls – Seeds of Change

Sequoia Sisters medicine dolls sacred familiar

The medicine dolls are cunning folk – they have strong intuition of their own.

Recently I gave a doll called Seeds of Change away free to the first person to claim her at the end of our DollMarket day. She was one of the last remaining dolls and I felt her spirit telling me that she was to be a gift. Within minutes, a woman named Gillian contacted me letting me know that she was interested in Seeds of Change and I told her congratulations. The next day Gillian got in touch to say that she had gone to our website to show her children their new doll and found out that the doll had been a free gift. She had thought that she was bidding for the doll and the fact that there was no charge was a total surprise.

A few days ago I received a longer message from Gillian telling me that her family had received Seeds of Change & that she had already begun giving them new hope. She then told me that they had been one of the families that had lost their home & everything they owned in the Victorian bush fires last February. It had tested them severely but they did not feel unlucky, instead, they felt extremely blessed that they had all survived unharmed. But their hearts were missing their land and it was very hard not being able to return. With the doll’s arrival they received the sign they were waiting for to finally move back to their land & begin to build their new home and lives again.

I remember creating the Seeds of Change doll purely for my own enjoyment one night. I had received some very fine and luminous silks and dressed the doll in her glittering but fragile golden threads. I then lay a large piece of Red Bellied Black snakeskin over most of her torso to balance the sense of fragility and surrounded it with leaves and branches. She has a carnelian stone over her heart, amethyst over her solar plesux and wears Kookaburra and Crow feathers in her hair. When I look at this doll now I see that she was already being made for Gillian and her family. I see that so much of her was linked to their story of courage and rebirth.

So much love to you & your family Gillian as you begin to plan the seeds to birth this new life. 

Seeds of Change Plant Medicine doll