Medicine Doll Stories

RavenSecret Keeper

RavenKeeper of Secrets

A handblown glass vessel to catch tears. RavenKeeper of Secrets travels with her mama, a healer working with women & children in shelters and halfway houses. She is doll for them to tell their stories to when they are not ready or able to speak to anyone else. 

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WildGirl for the Magdalenes and me

A doll who had to live inside a tree until she had eyes to see. 

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Medicine doll by Sacred Familiar

Why we cannot wait to be perfect to create –

Hawai’ian Ancestral Doll for Wai’ala

‘It’s local folklore that our Hawai’ian goddess Pele loves and treasures orchids and it’s been said she moves her lava flow around certain ones to save them and consumes everything else around them; preserving them alive in a surrounding sea of lava. I have great joy that the medicine doll requested one’. Wai’ala

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Medicine doll by Sacred Familiar