Purchasing Medicine Dolls

The Gardener

Hello friends, when we are not busy in the doll workshop we are spending time in the forest that surrounds our home – the lush rainforest of Sherbrooke Forest. We have been very busy indeed this year with lots of requests for medicine dolls and we look forward to creating for you in 2016! To discuss the commission of a personal custom medicine doll you can contact us by email  and check for new medicine dolls from the medicine doll page weekly.

The process of dollmaking is simple and slow and passes through our own hands in each step – from fossicking in nearby Sherbrooke Forest for plant medicines from the forest floor, creating personal medicine bundles that become the belly of the doll and weaving her or him into existence with one tool only – the felting needle. With one needle we work thousands of tiny fibres over many many hours binding and forming the shape of a doll that becomes a friend.  we then adorn her with natural fibres gathered from around the world and often in support of helping endangered and rare animals to thrive, plant medicines and crystals gathered by hand many from the Australian desert.

We are grateful for this opportunity to weave love into a doll for you. A medicine doll is beautiful vessel to hold your dreams, animal totems and plant medicine guardians. You can check at the medicine doll page each week to see if there are any dolls available to purchase and can often see the medicine dolls coming to life on our Instagram and Facebook pages – we look forward to sharing more of these Sherbrooke Forest friends with you

fern dreaming, Julia + Tony + Fox

The StoryTeller